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Serta Thornbury, Everything You Need To Know

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Serta Thornbury

Serta is best known as one of the best manufactures in the world. There is a reason why it is called that way. Serta is known to have customized support and comfort in their beds. Serta mattresses are able to be adjusted in order to find the perfect position. They are very user-friendly. It can be fun to go through different Serta mattresses in the store. One of the popular ones is called Serta Thornbury.

We love the special specifications brought by Serta. Also, some selected models have more advanced features. These special features include the pre-set positions and options of massage. If you have pain in your shoulder, neck and back, Serta mattresses will be able to ease all the pain!

Serta beds are able to reduce pressure on shoulders, neck and back by improving blood circulation. They will also lift the foot and head of the mattress in order to achieve this. If you or your sleeping partner have trouble with snoring, Serta beds will help sorting it for you. The mattress will increase blood flow, which will reduce turning and tossing at night. If you need to adjust the position of your head, you can also achieve this with the adjustable foundation in all their beds.

About Serta Thornbury

Serta Thornbury is one of many Serta beds that can offer you something unique. Are you looking for something in-between softness and firmness? If you need something that can give you both of the elements, you should consider Serta Thornbury. There are a lot of special specifications on this Serta Thornbury. When Serta created the Thornbury bed, they knew exactly what will satisfy their customers. They have been researching person's behavior for many years.

Bonnel is the name if the spring unit which equipped the Serta Thornbury. When compared to the requirement of SABS standard, this spring unit has more than 20% of steel needed to pass. Because it has more steel than the average mattresses, it can only mean one obvious thing - Serta Thornbury is very solid. It also has a lot more support. It can hold human weight easily with its extra springs. This firmer spring is constantly being advertised by Serta as the main advantage of Serta Thornbury, and why consumers should buy it. The spring is an all-tempered unit. If you are looking for a mattress that has extra durability, stability and very supportive of your body, we suggest for you to get your hands on the Serta Thornbury. You will not regret the pure comfort it offers!

Serta Thornbury

In the industry of hospitality, Serta Thornbury is one of the most popular bed choices being offered to guests. This is because guests love the comfort, and the hospitality industry view this as one of the main benefits of purchasing the Serta Thornbury. However, being popular in the hospitality industry doesn't mean that Serta Thornbury can't be used by singles or families. If you are looking for something that you can find in the hospitality industry, Serta Thornbury will be able to provide you every support and comfort you need for private use.

Furthermore, along the seating edge of every mattress, you will be able to find firm support. This extra support is known as the Polyethylene Pillars. They are installed in mattresses made by Serta in order to prevent sleepers from having the feeling of falling off the mattress surface. So, you do not have to worry about rolling off anymore. You are well taken care of by their beds!

Other than that, Serta Thornbury is also filled with foam with high density. This foam provides softness and firmness at the same time. You will feel comfortable, because it is soft, but still very solid. The quilt which covers the Serta Thornbury is imported from Belgium. While you are lying on the mattress, you will get a soothing feeling and you will sleep peacefully at night.

What Makes Serta The Best Manufacturer?

The manufacturing process by Serta does not include too much energy. Serta also try to reduce their waste when manufacturing the mattresses. All remnant scrap of plastic, steel, wood, foam and ticking are all recycled and reused. The crating materials for the innerspring of the mattresses are also recycled in order to reduce the energy and waste.

The suppliers and plants of Serta are all located in close proximity to the customers. This is to minimize fuel consumption and the cost of transportation. Besides, Serta has been reducing the secondary packaging as of recently to less than 5% of the weight of the product. As for the building and the location of Serta, it gives no impact on the surrounding. It has been designed specially in order to suit the natural landscape perfectly. In other word, Serta is nature-friendly.

In all Serta facilities, the lighting is estimated to be using less energy by about 50% and it is of high-efficiency when compared to the traditional systems used by other manufacturers. Serta understands that not only the products need to be user-friendly, but their facilities and the whole manufacturing process.


More often than not, people tend to see purchasing a new mattress as something that will meet their needs. They don't really put a lot of thoughts and considerations in choosing a mattress. Everyone needs pure comfort and full support when it comes to their sleeping time. You will want the best of the best. When choosing a mattress in the store, you must take your time by trying different models and ask as many questions as you want to the sales assistant.

Serta Thornbury is created by using the best of equipment and materials in order to make it of the highest quality. If you are looking for a new mattress, we suggest for you to always prepare to spend a lot of time and energy to research, before purchasing one. It is always best to ask a lot of questions than to feel confused later on. Be a wise buyer, ladies and gentlemen!

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