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Genessi is one of South Africa's fastest growing bed brands.


Good Memory

Many experts recommend Memory Foam mattresses for improved rest, and relief from back pain. 

So what’s the secret?

The memory foam itself is a remarkable scientific development, designed during the NASA space programme in the 1970s. The aim was to find a material to counter the rapid acceleration and deceleration experienced on the astronauts body while in lift-off. This technology used in memory foam only recently became affordable to us.

Memory Foam is made up of open cells – imagine billions of tiny balloons. A tiny hole in each ‘balloon’ allows air to flow out under pressure.  So, as your body puts presure on on the foam, the air is dispersed to nabouring cells – this allows the mattress to effectively ‘melt’ around you. Orthopeadic support is provided at pressure points along the shoulder blades, buttocks, head, hips, heels and elbows. Memory Foam (Also called Viscous-Elastic) is pressure sensitive, offering you the best chance for reducing the overall pressure placed on your body. It contours around presure points on the body, without pushing back against them. Memory Foam will gradually adjusts to your unique body shape.

This in turn will alleviate stress on the skeleton and muscles, stiffness and pain while reducing numbness. This results in a deeper, more satisfying sleep.


Latex has an even higher elasticity than Memory Foam. (Poly-Latex will feel more bouncy and Memory Foam more absorbing.)

The natural and point elasticity of latex provides excellent conformity qualities, while the core material adapts to the individuals body contours. The spinal column is thus perfectly straight when you’re lying on your side, and remains in the natural double S-line when you are lying on your back.

Latex provides an excellent sleeping surface with even distribution of pressure that is both durable and comfortable.

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Memory foam and Poly-Latex have transformed the bedding industry in such a way that beds with these tipes of foam have become the best selling beds in South Africa.
It is no surprise that 70% of people in France uses the exact same foam tipe beds.

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