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Simmons Backcare 5 Queen Bed

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 When lying down, a person's body weight is distributed across 5 distinct zones:

  1. upper back

  1. lumber region 

  2. hip

  3. thigh

  4. lower leg

The Backcare 5 by Simmons caters to the unique needs of each of those zones by providing the perfect support for each one, as each one is heavier or lighter than the other. Heavier zones have softer areas under them. Firm under the upper back, soft under the lumbar region, firm under the hips, soft under the thighs and firm again under the lower legs, this mattress keeps the spine and all the attached muscles in perfect alignment, minimising pain and supporting the back, especially the lower back, with has a natural curve. The Backcare 5 is specially named for the 5 zones it supports, as was created especially for those with back injuries, pain from operations and generally sensitive backs to get support while they sleep rather than pain. The mattress will support someone up to 120kg on each side, and is made with Simmons’ specifically manufactured pocket coils.

To further increase the support, durability and strength of this mattress, the fabric and the border are double stitched together (not glued, which comes apart after a few years). The foams are also quilted to the fabric and each other with a tough double stitch that holds this wonderful mattress compactly together.

Simmons also specialises in beds that not only rest your bones but your lungs too. With the Oxy-Plus fabric, crystal fibres infused with negative ions are woven into the mattress ticking. These negative ions are released into the air around you while you sleep, balancing the ratio between negative and positive ions in your body. More negative ions (fresh oxygen) leaves you feeling more alert, clears your breathing, and gives you more energy when you wake up. The fabric itself is stitched to the mattress with double stitching, in the same style as the entire mattress: all the components are sewn together rather than glued, which means that that they cannot shift around and be loosened by body heat. The further ensures that your back is protected since the mattress will not make lumps with cause convoluted sleeping.

The Backcare 5 is a euro top mattress (no flip) and has an Anti-Microbial Surface Finish & AllergyCareTM. The anti-microbial treatment ensures your mattress stays free of dust mites by eliminating entire colonies of germs, bacteria and fungus. All this means you breathe easier and sleep illness free on the non-pesticide, anti-allergenic materials. Coupled with the Oxy-Plus, you will sleep as deeply as you can breathe, and wake with no pain. The Euro Top is filled with natural wool, for the best sleeping experience without chemical odours. Who should buy this bed? People with back injuries, who have had back ops, sore backs, and older people who need the support.

Basic summary of benefits:

Superior back support that will ensure that you sleep without pain.

Long lasting and strong pocket coils.

Oxy-Plus fabric treated with ionic therapy causing revitalised sleep and healthier body.

Natural fabric and foams which repel dust mites, bed bugs, moulds, mosquitoes, and anything that might disturb your sleep.

Extended sleeping surface due to strong double stitched border, coils covering the entire area and foams that will not shift due to being sewn in place.

Eco-friendly to produce, and locally manufactured with international standards.

Ten-year warranty and three-year guarantee 


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Warranty Information

3 year guarantee, 10 year warranty

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